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"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all." Aristotle

November 28, 2019
by mshartkb

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving 2A!

I am so thankful for this amazing group of kids!! I feel blessed to work with them each day. We had a great time on Friday reviewing table manners, and practicing how to set the table properly. Hopefully, you will see some of these lessons in action tomorrow! Special thanks to Amanda Kukla for making homemade pumpkin pies for us, and bringing plenty of whipped cream. They were so delicious!!!

Next week we will be traveling to Fry’s on Tuesday (12.3) from 8:45-10:30. Then on Friday (12.6) we will be building rockets and then launching them outside on the playground with rocket scientists from Raytheon. It’s going to be a fabulous week!!

Christmas book reports are due on Friday, December 6th!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Warm regards,
Ms. Hart

Spelling Words
1. deeds
2. sweeping
3. treatment
4. shield
5. been
6. both
7. different
8. friend
9. great
10. house
11. kind
12. place
13. squeezed
14. greetings
15. we’ve
16. he’d
17. disease
18. believe


November 22, 2019
by mshartkb

Fry’s Field Trip

Hi 2A!

Next week will be a short week! We will be celebrating and writing about things we are grateful for. On Tuesday we will enjoy some pumpkin pie together, and identify proper place settings and manners for Thanksgiving dinner. Since it is a short week, there will be no homework.

Our next field trip is Tuesday, December 3rd, to the Fry’s on Pantano/Speedway. We will be touring the facility and learning about the ins and outs of the jobs at a grocery store. This goes along with our month long theme of lending a hand and community helpers. The driver sign up sheet is posted on our bulletin board outside. Thank you to those of you who have already signed up! We will be leaving school at 8:50 and returning to school around 10:30. We will definitely be back in time for lunch. Please have your child wear a red shirt and khaki bottoms.

Thank you for showing Mrs. O’Shell such a warm welcome! It was so thoughtful of you to stop in and say hello at morning drop off and afternoon pick up. We had a blast team teaching this week, and the kids are forming a wonderful bond with her. The classroom is joyful, and the kids are making great gains. As we move into January, I will be conducting the parent/teacher conferences alongside Mrs. O’Shell. I will also continue to oversee big picture items such as Renaissance testing and planning. Mrs. O’Shell and I have established a wonderful partnership that will remain in place until the end of the year. I hope you will be able to make our cookie decorating/meet the teacher night on December 12th from 6:00-7:00. It will be a fun night together

On December 6th the kids will be building and launching rockets with Raytheon! The building will take place first thing in the morning, and the launch will happen right after lunch. It will be a very exciting day! These rockets are a bit more involved than the ones they built in kindergarten. We are so thankful for the rocket scientists (Deirdre and Steve) for coming out and spending the day with the kids, teaching them all about motion, force, propulsion, and drag!

December 13th St. Nick’s Performance 2:00-3:00. Please plan on arriving by 1:30. Students are expected to look their best for the show! Please have your child come to school in their uniform attire, and bring a bag with a change of clothes for the performance. Thanks!!

We enjoyed the performance on Thursday by the Tucson Symphony Orchestra. The kids learned all about stringed instruments, and listened to several exciting pieces, including Star Wars!

Don’t forget! The Christmas book report is due December 6th, which is only two weeks away. I am looking forward to reading and listening to their reports!!

Our 1st person (or should I say turkey!) narratives are hanging up outside. We had so much fun writing them, and even more fun sharing them with our friends. Feel free to take a look!

Have a wonderful weekend. GO CATS! – hopefully we will play better on Sunday than we did last night. We won, but it wasn’t pretty!

Warm regards,
Ms. Hart

Important Dates
11.27-12.1 – Thanksgiving Break
12.2-12.13 – 2nd Round of Renaissance Testing
12.3 – Fry’s Field Trip
12.6 – Rockets with Raytheon
12.12 – Cookie Decorating/Meet Mrs. O’Shell 6:00-7:00 in 2A
12.13 – St. Nick’s Performance 2:00 in the gym
12.20 – Half Day (dismiss at 12:00) no after care available
12.21-1.5 – Christmas Break

November 17, 2019
by mshartkb

Mrs. Julie O’Shell

Hello 2A!
I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I am looking forward to the cooler weather this week. I have been tending to my fruit trees all year, and am thrilled to finally see the grapefruits and lemons changing color and entering the final stage of growth and ripening. I only hope they taste as good as they look. I’ll be sure to bring some in for the kids if they are worth eating!

Learning Focus
We will begin a new unit this week in language arts called Lend a Hand in which students will be answering the big question, “what are our responsibilities to each other?” Students will be reading and listening to Aesop’s fables and folktales while analyzing character traits. They will be writing about characters in the stories they read, and about the morals and lessons learned. We will also be finishing up our creative writing pieces about how a turkey managed to escape Thanksgiving, told from the turkey’s point of view! In math, students will continue to represent numbers through the hundreds place using base ten and money. We will also be solving problems with unknowns. We will be taking a closer look at the life of the pilgrims in social studies. Our phonics/spelling focus will be identifying/writing vowel digraphs ai, ay, and multisyllabic words ending with –ing and –ed

The Tucson Symphony Orchestra will be performing for the 2nd-4th grades on Thursday at 10:45 in the Parish Center. We are really looking forward to it!

Half Day
This Wednesday we have a half day for teacher inservice. We will dismiss at 12:00. Please make arrangements for your child to be picked up. After care will be available.

Canned Food Update
2A and 2B have set a community food bank donation grade level goal of 496 cans! As of right now, we are just over 300 thanks to some very generous donations. Thanks for all your generosity!! The last day to make a donation will be this Friday.

Christmas Cards / St. Nick’s Program
Christmas card orders will be sent home with the kids tomorrow. They did such a great job!! Speaking of Christmas, our K-4 St. Nick’s Program will be Friday, December 13th at 2:00 in the student center (gym). I strongly suggest arriving no later than 1:30 to find a good seat, and a parking spot! Students are being asked to look their best for this special performance. They should come to school dressed in their normal school uniform clothing, and bring a change of clothes for the performance. We will change after lunch! Thank you:)

2A Teacher
These last six weeks have flown by! I have loved every minute of teaching this 2A class, and will continue to teach through December. I am delighted to announce that Julie O’Shell will be stepping in as the new 2A teacher, beginning January. There is no one I’d rather have taking over for me! Mrs. O’Shell attended Sacramento State University, where she studied early childhood education and art history. She has taught for over 20 years at St. Michael’s, as both a regular and long term sub, and has proven exceptional classroom management and instruction. She is already well versed in our 2nd grade curriculum, having taken over as the long term sub last spring when the classroom teacher was out. To make the transition as seamless as possible, she will be coming in for three weeks to spend time with the kids, observe our classroom procedures and routines, and be present in the morning and afternoons to greet you and get to know you.

We will be hosting a Cookie Decorating “Meet the Teacher” Night on Thursday, December 12th from 6:00-7:00 in the classroom. Mrs. O’Shell will be reading Twas the Night Before Christmas, and then I will lead the kids through a cookie decorating activity, giving you (the parents) a chance to mingle with Mrs. O’Shell and with one another. I hope you all will be able to make it! Mrs. O’Shell will be here this entire week and I know the kids will be thrilled to have her with us. She is beloved by all!! To find out more about Mrs. O’Shell, please read the bio below!

Julie O’Shell Bio
Juliet (Julie) Creswell O’Shell
I was born and raised in Arizona. My mother was a long time teacher and former Head at St. Michael’s School. My brothers and I attended many school functions and parish events growing up. I have always considered myself a member of the St. Michael’s community.

After high school I moved to Northern California where I explored, worked and studied at Sacramento State University. I loved the diversity of Northern California, enjoying the culture, energy and food of San Francisco. I loved the beauty of Lake Tahoe, skiing the Sierra Nevadas, exploring the Mendocino coast, and hiking the Redwoods.

After 10 years, and missing the Arizona desert, I moved back to Tucson where I met and married my husband, Tom. We will celebrate our 30 year anniversary next May! We raised 3 children, Sam, Haley and Ben. All three attended and graduated from St. Michael’s School. They have all become thoughtful, interesting and engaged members of the world with the foundations of their St. Michael’s education.

My family remains lifelong lovers of travel. I enjoy the practice of yoga, am a dedicated reader of all genres, and enjoy the outdoors. I am so grateful to live in the beautiful Sonoran Desert.

I have been a long time member of the St. Michael’s faculty and believe strongly in its commitment to excellence and achievement. I am thrilled to be teaching in 2A, and look forward to knowing you and your child!

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow!

Warm Regards,
Ms. Hart

Spelling Words
1. aid
2. spray
3. panic
4. event
5. about
6. door
7. don’t
8. important
9. should
10. want
11. where
12. work
13. sprain
14. strays
15. trained
16. painting
17. delay
18. exit

November 11, 2019
by mshartkb

Happy Veterans Day!

Happy Veterans Day 2A!

We had an amazing Field Day!! The kids participated in team building activities and demonstrated great sportsmanship. I had such a great time with them!! Check out the St. Michael’s Facebook page for pictures.

In honor of Veterans Day, our class read an article about The Navajo Code Talkers and the unbreakable code they developed in WWII. We learned a few Navajo words, but quickly found out that the Navajo language is a difficult one! To all those who have served – Happy Veterans Day!

1st trimester report cards will be given to students this Friday. Please use these reports as a way to celebrate your child’s achievements and to set goals. I am incredibly proud of this class!

Unit 3 math will begin this week, which provides students opportunities to engage with ideas that lay a foundation for algebra. This week we will focus on money, place value, base ten, adding/subtracting within 100, and story problems with an unknown change or unknown start. In language arts students will be finishing up their Water Cycle unit. This week we will be working with long /u/, writing a personal response as well as a narrative folktale, and reading a science article about the Colorado River written by Jon Waterman (a National Geographic explorer).

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!

Warm regards,

Ms. Hart

Spelling Words
1. cube
2. mule
3. dune
4. include
5. city
6. hold
7. land
8. mile
9. much
10. river
11. sea
12. wash
13. pollute
14. refuse
15. reuse
16. rude
17. fluke
18. excuse

November 2, 2019
by mshartkb

Field Day

Happy Saturday 2A!

We had such a great time at Fire Station 19!! Thanks to all our parent drivers for making this trip possible. We learned about the jobs and responsibilities of a firefighter and identified a variety of tools they use to help people in an emergency.

Field Day & Half Day
This Friday is our annual Field Day, which will take place from 8:30-11:30 on the playground and inside the gym. This is a community building event that fosters teamwork and good sportsmanship from K-8! We will dismiss at 12:00 on this day, so please make any necessary arrangements for your child.

Canned Food Drive 11.4-11.25
Our Canned Food Drive will begin this week and run through Monday 11.25. All items will go to the Southern Arizona Community Food Bank. Please feel free to drop off any canned good items to our classroom. Thanks!

Language Arts
Phonics/Spelling: CVC words with long e, endings s, ed, ing. Reading: identifying adverbs, adjectives, and contractions. Students will identify cause and effect in narratives and non-fiction magazine articles while studying about the PlayPump and how it brings water to people in rural communities. Writing: students will write a cause and effect paragraph about PlayPumps, as well as questions.

Students will continue to work with fractions (halves, thirds, fourths) and use fraction vocabulary (two thirds) to describe more than one fractional part of the same whole.

Book Report
This Monday our students will receive their Winter Holiday Book Report Project, due 12.6. You can check out the guidelines for it here!

2A will be responsible for running chapel this month! The value is joy, and the kids will be leading lower school through prayers and songs. I’m really looking forward to it!

Tuesday 11.5
This Tuesday is our kindergarten step up day! We will be welcoming twelve new families to our campus, and I will be presenting an overview of our school and kindergarten program alongside Dr. Teller in Tankersley Hall that morning. The amazing Mrs. Julie O’Shell will be teaching our 2A class while I’m presenting. I’m excited to have her with us, and I know the kids will love her!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! See you Monday!

Ms. Hart

Spelling Words 11.4
1. beside
2. delete
3. dripping
4. saved
5. clean
6. going
7. let
8. off
9. our
10. stop
11. take
12. think
13. theme
14. complete
15. eve
16. rinsing
17. planned
18. shrugged

October 31, 2019
by mshartkb

Party & Parade!

We had such a fun party this afternoon!! Thank you to all our parent volunteers who made it so special. The decorations, food, and games were amazing!!! Thank you!!!

Have a good time tonight:)


October 26, 2019
by mshartkb


Hi 2A!
The kids did a fabulous job presenting their book reports on Friday. I was impressed with their displays and summaries. The students were so excited to present, and the pride they felt for a job well done was palpable. Feel free to stop in and take a look, they are hanging inside the classroom.

This Thursday is Halloween! Our class party will take place from 1:30-2:30, with the school parade to follow at 2:45. All are welcome! Please remember to have your child wear comfortable shoes as we will still be attending PE! They may wear their costumes to school, but costume accessories (masks, wands) will need to remain in their backpacks until the parade!

Special Guest
This Tuesday, we will be painting pumpkins with a little help from one of our favorite teachers of all time, the one and only, Mrs. Mary Martin! This tradition is going on 7 years, and I know the kids will be thrilled to see her. Each student will be able to take their pumpkin home on Tuesday. Such fun!

Fire Station 19
This Friday we will be traveling to Station 19! Our students will get to tour the station, interact with firefighters, and learn about a variety of ways firefighters help keep our community safe. We will be taking some time this week as a class to discuss the types of tools firefighters use to do their job, and generate questions. Please place your child’s car/booster seat along the wall the morning of the field trip. It’s going to be a fun and educational experience.

Language Arts
Reading: students will be reading science experiments related to rain and conducting an experiment that answers the question, “where does rain come from?” We will be discussing how to ask questions from a text and determine sequence. Vocabulary: students will read/spell words with long/short /i/ and /o/, use adjectives correctly, and learn multiple meaning words. Writing: students will be writing questions about water, events in a sequence, an observation, and about the states of water (liquid, solid, gas).

Students will wrap up Investigation 2 (Quadrilaterals, Rectangles, Squares) on Tuesday with an assessment on angles/vertices, sides/edges, faces, identifying 2D flat/3D solid shapes, and sorting shapes into groups based on specific attributes (number of right angles, vertices, faces etc). We will begin Investigation 3 later in the week, which will focus on fractions (halves, quarters, and thirds).

VIP Student!
We will begin our VIP student of the week on Monday! The selected student will be given a poster to take home and complete that tells about likes/dislikes, hobbies, interests, and other fun facts. The VIP student will get to be the line leader for the entire week, and their poster will have a prominent place on the VIP wall. The VIP will present his/her poster to the class, and classmates will have the opportunity to ask questions and write about the new and interesting things they learned about the VIP. Congrats to Oliver for being the first one selected! We are all looking forward to learning more about him!!

Please take a moment to read through the links I have placed on this blog. You are already familiar with Spelling City, but I also provided an interactive math link called TinkerCAD. It is a 3D, engineering/design program that the kids have been working on in technology with Mr. Rebert. It aligns perfectly with the geometry we have been doing in class, and the kids are really excited about it. The students are able to sign in using their school gmail accounts, and work is automatically saved as they go. Last week their task was to build a house, it was pretty amazing!

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. I feel so blessed to be working with these kids. They are amazing, and all of you are doing a wonderful job!!

Warm Regards,
Ms. Hart

Spelling Words 10.28.19
1. strike
2. inside
3. stone
4. whole
5. after
6. away
7. before
8. carry
9. does
10. give
11. put
12. through
13. glide
14. combine
15. prize
16. mango
17. globe
18. explode





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