“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”


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Hello Families and Friends!

It is finally beginning to feel more and more like Fall everyday!  We have had a great few weeks together here in 2A! I am happy to report that our class surpassed our goal of 150 homework tickets and earned our first homework party!  100% of the students in our class contributed to our goal which is awesome! Popsicles were eaten at morning break,  and fun was had by all! Next homework goal: 300 tickets! 🙂

Progress reports will be going home next week. We have been in school for 30 days, so these grades are a collection of both formal and informal assessments to date. If you have any questions on your child’s progress reports, please email me.

Don’t forget that the fall house/haunted house book report is due on Friday, October 25th . Let me know if you have any questions on that fun project.

**And finally, we are in need of magazines/ads/newspapers/flyers with colorful pictures of different fruits and vegetables for a STEM project next week. Please and thank you!**


We have been working on several consonant blends.  I already see a difference in the students’ spelling when they are writing – they are really remembering the spellings of long vowels and words!  They are also using syllables to more accurately sound out and spell longer words. We continue to review the high frequency words of the second grade.  These are words that constantly pop up in our reading and may contain unconventional spellings – like the words because, people, were, their, etc.  Have your child point out nouns and verbs during your nightly reading!


We had a lot of fun in our writing over the past 2 weeks! We started to write full paragraphs using a topic sentence, 3 supporting detail sentences, and one concluding sentence.  Paragraph writing will be our main focus for the next long while. The students  were able to pick an animal they would like as a pet and write a paragraph on the topic. We revised and edited our paragraphs and had a great time sharing them as a class.


We have been very busy in 2A working on word problems. We have been adding and subtracting numbers in word problems. We have learned key words that help us determine if we are going to add or subtract in a problem. For example: in all, spent, how many more, how many were left. The children are doing an amazing job, and love going up to the board to answer practice problems. 2A is also enjoying “10 minute math” every morning. We review math we have already worked on in the past weeks, and I have to say it’s one of their favorite morning activities.

Social Studies

For the past two weeks 2A has been working on maps. We continue to learn about the different types of maps and the different types of compass rose. We learned that a compass rose is usually found in any four corners of a map. It also shows the four cardinal directions, which are north, south, east, and west. We worked on finding our way in a map by using a compass rose and cardinal directions rather than names of streets. The class also drew their own map with streets, buildings, lakes, and a compass rose. We presented the maps last week, and the children really enjoyed making up their own names of streets and buildings. It was great practice presenting for our heritage project this week. The children did AMAZING presenting their heritage problems. There was a lot of work put into the projects, and every student was so honored and happy to talk about their family heritage.

*I would like to ask my 2A families if it is ok for me to make copies of their recipes to share with the class? Please let me know if you’re comfortable sharing your recipe with the class.


We will begin to learn about the life cycle of plants. We will be planting our germinating lima beans in the planters in front of Mrs. Tomiak’s room. We will be checking their growth by watering them daily and taking notes on any changes. We will keep you posted on how our project is coming along. We have also been reading about the weather. How if it’s summer/fall here in Arizona, it is winter in other parts of the world.

We had some rainy days this past week, but that didn’t prevent 2A students from keeping themselves busy constructing INCREDIBLE block towers and castles.

Our “Show and Tell” this Monday was Alyson along with her sweet dog “Tux.” Tux is such a sweet boy. He’s a little shy so only the students who were around Aly were able to pet him. He behaved exceptionally well, and the children were quiet so they wouldn’t frighten Tux.

We closed off a very busy week with a very special day for one of our friends, Katherine!! Katherine’s Birthday was this past Friday, and her grandmother was very sweet and brought delicious cupcakes for the class. She also joined us in the morning to take amazing pictures of the children and the Birthday Girl!!! The children enjoyed their cupcakes at lunch time, and Katherine made sure all her friends received a yummy cupcake.

Special Events this coming week:

Monday, September 30th, Helena Loewenstein will be our “Show and Tell” presenter!!!

Monday and Friday – Speech Screening

Tuesday and Thursday – Hearing Screening

Friday – Vision Screening

Friday, October 4th, – 3rd grade Bake Sale to raise money for the Community Food Bank (7:30-8:00)

Upcoming Event:

Friday, October 18th – Grandparents Day (8:00a.m. – 10:30a.m.)


Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Bear Down Cats beat UCLA!


Thank you,

Mrs. Pena


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As promised, here we are, 2A having a GREAT TIME learning our frequency words, and listening to our friends present their Show and Tell. We are also all together smiling and proud of our Web Site poster on our community. The children called it “The 2A Cool Kids.”

“A person’s a person, no matter how small.”


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Hello 2A Parents,

Thank you to those who were able to join us at Curriculum Night. If you were not able to join us I have written everything Mrs. O’meara and I went over. I also mentioned that I am not tech savvy what so ever. I am attempting to send pictures from the children learning our math and frequency words. Also, I have added pictures of our previous Show and Tell Presenters, Ariela, Ethan, and Ricardo. This Monday’s presenter will be Ayson McCormick.

About Mrs. Pena: I was born and raised in Nogales, Arizona. I attended A.J. Mitchell Elementary, Wade Carpenter Middle School, and graduated from Nogales High School. I studied elementary education, sociology, and Spanish Literature for Children at the University of Arizona. My first years in teaching were at Sacred Heart Catholic School in Nogales, Az. After 3 years, I married my husband, Oscar, and we moved to Seattle where he received his specialty in endodontics from the University of Washington. While in Seattle, I taught preschool for two years. We then moved back to Tucson to be closer to our families, start our own family, and my husband began his own practice. I have been a long time member of the Angel Charity, I am the 2019-2020 Tucson Symphony Cotillion Ball chair, and I, along with my oldest daughter Sofia, are members of the National Charity League for Mothers and Daughters. Both of my daughters, Sofia (now a junior at Salpointe) and Kamila (current STM 6th grader), attended St. Michael’s School and I always knew that if I was lucky enough to rejoin the teaching force, St. Michael’s was the one and only school for me! I not only enjoy teaching my students every day, but I just love to see them grow academically and socially!

Mrs. Pena’s Goals: My goal for my students is to work hard, ask questions, and use as many hands-on activities for each subject to engage the students in their learning. We will help one another out and we will encourage one another in every aspect of our daily learning. We are in charge of ourselves, and we need to be aware of the effects of our own actions, words, and thoughts. We will learn something new each day and we will share new ideas and finish each day with a positive thought of what we learned that day.


Working with Words: Helps to ensure that the students read, spell, and use high-frequency words correctly, and that they learn the patterns necessary for decoding and spelling. We will be practicing these skills using various activities in large and small group settings, and will be monitored through weekly spelling tests.

Guided Reading: Helps to build comprehension and fluency with reading, and to introduce students to a variety of literature, such as stories, informational text, decodable text, and poetry. This will be done in large and small group settings, ranging in appropriate levels of difficulty. Comprehension will be monitored through tests and the completion of book reports in the forms of written and oral presentations.

Writing: We will build fluency in writing, refine and apply knowledge of phonics, practice proper grammar and punctuation, build students’ confidence as writers, and utilize the Six Traits of Writing (ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions) which will help develop all skills needed for good writing. We will also be using penmanship workbooks to ensure proper letter formation and neatness in our written work.


We work in small and whole group settings using various manipulatives to aid further understanding of skills. We will be working on the following skills: addition and subtraction, concepts of multiplication, and division, place value, problem solving, greater and less than, fractions, money value, rounding to the nearest ten and hundred, measurement, time telling, and geometric shapes and their attributes. Throughout the math curriculum and group activities, the following educational aspects will be present: active learning for strong concept development, effective practice opportunities that reinforce concepts, an emphasis on problem solving, and reasoning skills that support mathematical thinking.


The 2nd grade will focus on many areas in life, earth, and physical science. In particular, we will be exploring the areas of plants, states of matter, weather, and basic nutrition. We will use several avenues of investigation: experiments, demonstrations, and hands-on activities. We will use the scientific method to enhance and solidify our learning.

Social Studies/Geography

In addition to social studies lessons that automatically derive out of our reading program, the students will be learning all about many people and places in the city and country. Our big focuses in the second grade are community and mapping. We will be taking some field trips to explore different aspects of what comprises a community. We will also be studying the history of St. Michael’s and the history of our surrounding neighborhood.

Behavior plan

Our classroom behavior plan revolves around being a good friend to others. Our school’s motto is “treat others the way you would like to be treated.” The various ways of treating each other as a friend includes several things such as: minding our manners, saying “good friend words” like “please” and “excuse me,” sharing, taking turns, not interrupting, following directions, working together, and listening. We are a team and a family, we are together for the whole day, and we will work together to make things as peaceful and enjoyable as possible.

We do not believe in giving extrinsic rewards like candy or stickers. Rather, the students will be rewarded with praise and appreciation; the real reward is intrinsic – the students will feel good, proud, and confident. If we “catch” a student being a good friend and following directions, that student may put his or her name on a raffle ticket and place in into our “That’s What I Like To See” jar. We have to “catch” the student being a good friend by habit, not just because he or she knows that we am looking at that particular moment. The students may also report good deeds that others have done for them as well. A student’s name can be entered into the jar as many times as they are “caught” being a good friend. Every Monday, we will randomly pull two names out of the jar. These two students become my leaders for the week – basically they are out “mini-teachers.” They will pass out papers, go to the office, lead the lines, act as “recess reporters,” etc.

If a student fails to follow directions or is not being a good friend, he or she will be given two clear choices: choose to fix the behavior, or choose a time-out. If the behavior persists, even after a time-out, the student will stay in for part of their lunch recess for “recess academy” where he or she will practice the correct behavior. Of course if the degree of the offense is more serious than regular classroom disruption or typical 2nd grade misbehavior, the penalty will be more rigorous, i.e. missing all playtime for a day, writing a note home to be signed by the parents, missing a fun project, etc. We do not anticipate having extreme problems; however, if they do occur, you will be notified immediately. We can then discuss the student’s behavior and how we can work together to remedy the issue.

It is extremely important that you talk to your child nightly about any difficulties that may have occurred that day at school. This will help him or her to become a problem-solver and also understand how issues occur and how to avoid them.


Research increasingly shows that an overwhelming amount of homework in the early grades can produce negative results. Families today have increasingly less time to spend together due to work, school, and extracurricular schedules. The homework overload along with the time shortage has proven to result in negative feelings towards school, family and student frustration, and poor self images amongst students.The recommended amount of homework for elementary students is 10 minutes per grade level; therefore, 2nd graders are expected to realistically be responsible for no more than 20 minutes of nightly homework in addition to at least 20 minutes of reading (including independent and/or shared reading).

To combat this growing problem, the 2nd grade has started a new weekly homework system which includes 2 mandatory assignments (one spelling and one math) and 3 student choice assignments. Our homework system includes incentive tickets (students are not punished for not doing homework; in fact, they earn chances for a collective class reward by choosing to do the work) and it saves time (the choices offered are brief, hands-on, and largely open-ended explorations with opportunities for self-challenge which will eliminate frustration and encourage empowered learning!) The students DO have the choice to complete the “choice assignments;” however, we of course encourage them to complete each one and have tried hard to make the choices fun, different, and meaningful with the opportunity for challenge/extension. On occasion, there will be a few long-term book report/project assignments sent home throughout the year.

These weekly homework assignments are given out on Monday and are to be returned the following Monday. Students should be responsible to bring homework to school themselves instead of being reminded or having a parent pack it into their backpacks. “Teaching time” is also considered a weekly revolving assignment in Ms. O’Meara’s class. Please refer to the schedule that Ms. O’Meara sent home to make sure that you have your child’s teaching time day calendared each week! Mrs. Pena’s “Show and Tell” is a homework assignment that takes place every Monday. Please check Mrs. Pena’s blog to see when your child’s turn to present is.


You are more than welcome to come by the room and lend a helping hand. The best times to volunteer your services are during reading time in the morning, field trips, and during special projects/events. We will post sign-up sheets outside the room with days and special events where your assistance will be needed. Your help will be greatly appreciated!

In addition to helping out in our classroom, if you have any talent or special service that you would like to share with the students, please feel free to talk to us about it! We would be honored to have you share your talents with us!

Birthday Celebrations

On a student’s birthday (or half-birthday, for those summer babies!), he or she may bring a treat for the class. However, an idea that we have enjoyed doing in the past is that the birthday boy or girl can pick a special person to come in to read a book to the class that day. Either choice is wonderful; we just ask for you to let us know what your child would like to do and we can arrange a time/day that works for everyone’s schedule.

How to Reach Ms. O’Meara and Mrs. Pena

Communication between ourselves and the parents is very important to us. Please feel free to contact us about any questions or concerns that you may have. If needed, we can arrange a time to meet together. If calling the school, Ms. O’Meara’s voicemail number is 253. Also, you may contact her by email at aomeara@stmichael.net. Mrs. Pena’s school voicemail number is 246 and her email is alpena@stmichael.net.

Thank you so much for your patience, and your trust in me with your children. I am enjoying teaching our class. We have a great 2A class, and every week brings new knowledge and fun to our class.

Thank you,
Mrs. Pena

2A Parents


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Hello 2A Parents,

I completely forgot to send this weeks Spelling Words.



















“Oh the places we will go” 2A Parents


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Hello Families and Friends!

We have had a busy couple of weeks here in 2A! Since we are talking about communities and what communities need in order to function, if anybody knows a doctor, police officer, business owner, etc. who can come to school (or let both 2nd grades visit them) to talk to us about how they help the community, please let me know!


In a large group setting, we studied several non-fiction stories which spoke about how communities work together in order to achieve a goal that will make life better for everyone around. “Be My Neighbor,” by Maya Ajmera and John D. Ivanko, is a photo-essay which shows neighborhoods around the world and how people live together in them. “My Favorite Place” is an Internet bulletin board story where different students from around the country wrote in to tell about favorite places in their communities. In our small reading groups, we worked on trying to make our diction more clear when reading aloud.  We also worked on locating possessive and proper nouns in our reading and in our workbooks. Some of the vocabulary words that we worked into our reading and writing lessons over the past few weeks were: area, building, identify, library, locate, and population.

At the end of each week, the students are tested on the reading comprehension, grammar, writing, spelling, and vocabulary skills that were taught throughout the week.


We have been working hard on several different vowel sounds.  As we know, these many vowel sounds are spelled in a variety of ways (English is crazy!)  One way to remember the long vowel spelling pattern when two vowels are together (as in ‘ai’),  I always say, “when two vowels are together, the first one does the talking, and the second one does the walking,” meaning that you hear the long A sound and the I is silent. Please continue to encourage your child to use his or her sounding out and proofreading skills when completing his or her nightly homework!


We worked on several different writing strategies during the past two weeks.  One strategy focused on using more adjectives in our sentences.  We practiced this numerous ways, but the favorite way was by writing a “guess who” list where we wrote sentences with several adjectives describing ourselves in the form of clues. We then crumpled up our papers and had a “snowball fight” which allowed us to anonymously trade papers. We then shared them with the class  and according to the adjectives used, we tried to make guesses as to who the author was. This was super fun and I’m sure the kids will be trying to think of other ways to have snowball fights in our class 🙂   We also have been challenging ourselves by writing stories using random words from phonics word sorts in our reading workbooks. I have encouraged the students to think about writing spelling stories with their spelling words instead of writing their typical 10-18 spelling sentences each week. I know it’s a challenge, but it can be fun and maybe even a little more interesting!


The past couple of weeks have been busy mathematically, but FUN! We have been working on developing addition and subtraction fluency with numbers 0-20 by using “number strings” (ask your child what those are), and by grouping addends in different ways to make adding easier (i.e. making a 10, adding doubles, breaking down numbers into smaller addends, etc.). A fun math game we have been playing on our white boards to develop number sense within 100 is called “Guess my number.” Ask your child how we play that and what types of math questions they ask in order to decipher the teacher’s secret number. Another game we played was called “How Many Pockets.” This game showed us that we can count quantities in numerous ways and represent that counting data in various forms such as charts, tallies, pictures, number strings, etc. One more game was was an addition and subtraction game which involved pairs of students rolling number cubes, dice, and creating their own number strings to either add or subtract. Yes, math is fun and there are countless (get it…COUNTless haha) games to play, but we also practice these skills individually in our workbooks as well as have opportunities during discussion times to share our thinking and mathematical reasoning. There are always more than one way to arrive at answers in math; being able to explain how an answer was achieved is the key to mathematic success!


Ariella was our first speaker for Show and Tell and she brought her beautiful dog Spirit to our class!! She was an amazing guest, and loved the attention of the children. She even sat on the carpet with the class to hear Ariella speak about how wonderful she is. Thank you Ariella and Mrs. Zellon for bringing Spirit.

Ethan was our second speaker this week and we got to see a Globetrotter Basketball signed by some of the players. Ethan went to a game a couple weeks ago and told us all about it. He also told us about his favorite part of the whole day! Being able to go to the floor and meet some of the players!!! Thank you Ethan!!

Next weeks speaker for Show and Tell will be Ricardo.


September 12th – Back to school night 5th-8th grade

September 17th – Classroom Picture (uniform)

September 18th – Individual Pictures (K-4th)FREE DRESS/Early Dismissal

September 19th – Back to School Night (K-4th grade) 6:00pm – 7:30pm

September 20th – Individual Pictures (5th-8th) Free Dress



Every Friday we have our Spelling Test.

Every Tuesday is Library Day.


Have a Great rest of your week!


Mrs. Pena



“Oh the Places You’ll Go” 2A Parents


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Hello 2A Parents,

Hope you all had an Amazing 3 day weekend!!! I had a fun weekend going to my 30th year HS Reunion in Nogales, Arizona. Got to see a lot of my friends and family. Ready for tomorrow and our short week ahead.

This week we will be very busy in Math learning Fact Fluency with addition and subtraction with the number 20. Children will work in partners. We will also be using GeoBlocks to learn our shapes and lines. We will be learning new vocabulary such as angles, vertex, Quadrilaterals, rectangles, and double arrays. We will be using many of our shapes to compare and discuss the different ways we can make the same shape of a rectangle, and how a square can fit in any angle of a rectangle. We will also be using tiles to draw and count our shapes in graph paper. We will also be working with doubles combinations. How to get to 18 or 20 using doubles combinations. How many doubles did you use to get to these numbers. How many different doubles combinations can you make for each number.

Reading will be so much fun learning about animals and how they Camouflage in the Ocean and on Land.  We will Rhyme words in stories about Camouflaging. We will learn how to find the Authors Point and Authors Reasons for each story. Also, the difference between each one and how they can find each one in a story. We will also have discussions of what the stories are about, what the problem in each story is, and how we can solve them. Last but not least we will discuss about Facts and Opinions in each story. How do they each differ from one another. How can I know what is a Fact and an Opinion when I’m reading a story. I am also continuing to read Charlottes Web to the class. They love that time to cool down from lunch play. After I finish reading the children are asked to sketch their favorite part of the chapter. Or at times I ask for them to write a 4 sentence paragraph on what they liked most from the chapter. This continues to help them with comprehension. Even as they draw they don’t realize they are learning too. The 100 Book Club is a great way to have your children reading every night. That is the ONLY homework they should be doing at home daily. We are also reading Stone Fox in the class. Every child has a copy of the book and they read it individually for quiet reading. They have their spiral notebook out for any words they might not know or have a hard time pronouncing and we work on those once they are done reading their chapter for the day.

Writing/Phonics will continue with our morning journal entries, and learning the short sound in a, e, i, o, and u. Our vowels are very important in writing and are found in every word. It is important for children to hear, repeat, and write these short vowel sounds in different words. It will help with their reading too. We work a lot with the smart board on this, and in our reading workbook. We also make our own sentences and sound out each short word in our sentences.

Spelling will have a new list every week and with every week come some more tricky words for the children. Mondays are our Pre-Test where children are given the spelling words before seeing them. I am very surprised to see that the children can get more than 2 or 3 right without knowing the words. That is very good because as I repeat they have not seen the words yet. Any student who only gets one or none wrong in the pre-test does not have to take the test on Friday, but Does need to work on the spelling words through out the week. I am very pleased with the results we are getting by working on the spelling words in class.  We will be making note cards every week for our spelling words so children can keep in their homework folder to take to and from school and home. Please make sure that after practicing the words at home that the note cards are placed back in the homework folder as we use them daily in class. We are writing, putting words in alphabetical order, drawing words, painting words, playing games with words, and working on words with partners. I really don’t think writing the words more at home is needed. A couple of times reviewing the note cards, I believe, will be more than enough. This weeks words are the following. Please do not show the words to the children until after they return from their school day on Monday so that it is fair for everyone during the Pre-Test.

vet, helmet, huts, puppet, be, down, or, their, them, they, with, your, fed, dens, mitten, tug, bugs, public

Social Studies has been INSPIRATIONAL!!!! Yes, I said INSPIRATIONAL because the children have been having so much fun learning about communities, the difference in each community, the different jobs in our community, and the favorite places we like to go to in our community. We finished the week with our own poster “WebSite” of our school community and the places we like to visit around our school community. The children worked soooo hard in this poster that one of the days we lost track of time and got to lunch a bit late!! But no worries all the children had time to eat their lunch and have play time outside. I think its an event that they will never forget nor will I! Please take some time to look at our poster outside in the hallway by our room.

We’ve been talking about self-control as our monthly value. It has been explained beautifully in chapel by Mrs. Stalkfleet and we have also had moments in class where we alll need a bit of self-control in listening, being patient, waiting our turn, and being respectful to others by keeping our hands to ourselves. Positive Energy has been given to our friends when they can’t find a pencil, or their place in reading, or don’t know what the directions are that have already been repeated. It’s a learning process for everyone, and I love how our class has worked together with this wonderful value.

Mrs. O’Meara and myself will be sending a Family History project home this Monday the 3rd. It is to be a family project thats, fun, non stressful, simple and informative. I will be posting these boards in class to show those who would like to come in and see after school. I will be taking pictures of each child with his/her board.

We will be having show and tell every Monday after all school chapel. It will be 5 mins. of a student bringing something from home they like, or knows how to make, and educate the class in it. They will need to tell us the history of what they brought, or give us the directions as to how to do it, or recipes of desserts or food they know how to make. We will begin with Ariela Zellon and work our way up in our list of names.

I have had some parents ask for links to math games. We do have some real fun ones, and as soon as Ms. Hart helps me organize the ones for our grade level I will be sending them out to you. Hopefully it will be no later than Tuesday.

Upcoming Special Dates:

September 10th   Our class will be Apostles for Mass (each child will have an opportunity throughout the                                      year).

September 18th   Early Release (12 noon)

September 19th   Back to School Night (K-4th gr./6pm-7:30pm)

September 24th   Classroom Pictures (Uniform Required)

September 25th   Individual Pictures (K-4/Free Dress)

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to email me at apena@stmichael.net. I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Mrs. Pena

Welcome Back 2A Parents


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Hello Parents,

It has come to my attention that none of my 2A parents received my Blog from Sunday. I am so sorry, here I thought I was doing a great job with communication and you all have no idea what we have been doing. Please accept my apologies for not catching this technical error. Mandy helped me fix the problem and I believe we are ready to go!!!! Please send me a Hi! to let me know you received this. I am including the Blog from Sunday. Again, my sincere apologies on this technical difficulty.  Have a Wonderful rest of your week.


Mrs. Pena


Hello 2A Parents!,

I can’t believe our First Week of School has come and gone and now we are entering our Second Week!!

Our 2A Class was very busy this last week. The children were very happy to come back to school and see their friends. I was also pleasantly surprised that they were energetic to get back to learning too!! Second grade is filled with excitement with our new math program. Children are loving all the interaction and hands on work we have been doing. We have already learned counting by 10’s with cubes, working on shapes, and learning our money!! How many cents are in a nickel, dime, quarter, half dollar and dollar.We have also done a lot of reading and sketching along with reading. This gives me an idea of how many students are actually comprehending what they are reading. It has been a lot of fun. Spelling has been worked on in class every day. Working in groups and individually we have painted, written, and played games with Spelling words. We have worked diligently with Handwriting every morning by writing in our journals and practicing our penmanship in our handwriting book. Phonics is going very well  as we sound out those short /a/ sounds and listening to our looooong /o/ sounds.  Specials have not gone unnoticed as the children LOVE going to them. Spanish, Science, Art, Music, PE, and Tech are all super fun for the children!!!

We will be starting our walking trips next door to the library. Every Tuesday will be our Library Day. Please make sure you ask your child about what they saw and or read at the Library. This trip to the Library is a favorite in 2A. Children are very excited to visit the Library this week.

This week we will continue to work with Money in Math along with reviewing our addition and subtraction of double numbers. Social Studies will be incorporated in our days beginning this week looking further into our communities. Journal writing is our amazing start to the day, and penmanship in our handwriting books will continue. Phonics is always a daily chore with learning new sounds weekly. Reading will be fun with all our new stories and paintings and sketches. I am also reading Charlotte’s Web to the  class and the children are really enjoying the story. This will continue every day until we finish the book, and pick our choice for the following book.

Spelling, we will have a pre-test in Spelling on Mondays. Any child who misses one or none will not to need to take the test on Friday, but will need to work on Spelling through out the week. I did not send any words home last week. I wanted to wait and see how working on them all week in class would look like when children were tested on them. It was the first week and many children passed the pre-test!! Those who didn’t only missed a few, and by the time they took the test again on Friday did an Amazing Job!!!!! Therefore, I think I will continue to work with the children and the Spelling words in class. If I see children struggling with the words or not testing well I will definitely send you the parent the list of spelling words to work more at home with.

I would like to remind my fabulous 2A parents about a few little things important to our 2A class. Please remember to return our Eagle Express Folders no later than the Friday after receiving them to prepare them for the following Wednesday. Don’t forget to check your child’s white “homework” folder for any unfinished daily work or for any papers that might have gone home for you parents. These folders must be brought back to school every day. Our 2A class did AMAZING with good-byes to moms and dads this first week of school. Please remember to keep our good-byes outside of the classroom, and have your children walk into class on their own and ready to complete their morning routines.

I cannot express my gratitude for having the opportunity to teach your children every single day. They are an amazing group of students, and 2A is a Fabulous Family!!!!


Mrs. Pena


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